Yoga for Survivors of Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse:

Empower Your Life and Rediscover Your Inner Child

Announcing my new online program

Announcing a new program designed to help women (and men!) who have suffered from emotional, psychological, verbal and narcissistic abuse to live empowered and thriving lives while achieving forgiveness.

I have created a step-by-step process guide for all to break free from the memories of the abusive relationship, empower their lives, forgive themselves and create joyful lives all while embracing the inner child that still resides in each and every one of us!

What if, instead of relying on meds or other coping strategies that aren’t sustainable, you could invest a small amount of money and finally overcome the debilitating effects of trauma?

Over the past 20 years, I have hired dozens of coaches, therapists, and spent the last decade learning the healing powers of yoga to learn (through trial and error) what works and what doesn’t. Personally, what I found most powerful was a strong physical yoga practice, combined with meditation and creative expression.

I have taken all of my experience gathered over the past 20 years and share that with you at warp-speedYou will be guided every step of the way by my step-by-step online content and regular contact and yoga classes with me.

Book your custom “breakthrough” session and see if healing your life holistically, naturally, and without having to rely on prescriptions is for you.

Real change is possible!

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