Experience the Art of Yoga

Yoga with Cyndy offers different types of classes that are open to students who want to learn something new. 

Types of Yoga We Offer

Beach Yoga

The class that started it all!

Join us at Robert Moses State Park, Field 2, each weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day for a relaxed, fun yoga session surrounded by the beauty of Long Island's South Shore beach!

Hatha Yoga

Designed to open the channels of the body so that energy can flow freely. Focus is on developing both strength and flexibility in the body. Poses are held for a period of time and students are encouraged to go as far into a pose as they desire.

Vinyasa Yoga

Traditional flow practice where there is a dynamic flow from posture to posture. Breath and movement are linked. This is a more moving class where poses are not held for long periods of time.

Yin Yoga

A slower paced style of yoga. Each class consists of few postures that are held for longer periods of time (between 45 seconds to two minutes).

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